Welcome to my site. My name is Dr. Lory Peters. I teach piano to adult students with live, video piano lessons. Now, students living in United States, Canada, or anywhere across the globe can get high-quality piano instruction, right at their own pianos.

In over four decades in music education, I taught students in public schools, at the university level, and in my private studio. My students come with no piano experience to years of piano instruction. Today, I focus on teaching piano to adult students, where live video instruction is the perfect way for busy adults toI now only teach adults. I have been teaching for over 40 years in private studio, university, and public school settings. I hold a Ph.D. in Piano Pedagogy — which is the study of how to teach the piano, in addition to the foundations of performing, piano technique, and piano literature.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic made remote learning the norm, I have embraced live, online piano lessons. In addition, live streaming technology has improved to the extent that distance-learning has become more like in-studio lessons and, in some cases, even better. So, now adult students — even those who can’t find a local piano teacher specializing in adult students and those who couldn’t make it to a studio due to physical or schedules — can choose to take piano lessons through my online studio.

Teaching Philosophy

Learning to play the piano is very rewarding. It’s true that the piano requires hard work, but it gives back so much more in terms of enjoyment, achievement, and increased self-esteem. And, making your own music is just simply one of the great pleasures of life!

Why do we want to make our own music at the piano? Are we:
Looking for joy and beauty, or to understand music that is in our everyday lives?
Broadening our educations and sharpening our minds?
Needing to express ourselves, fill our hearts and lift our spirits, feed our souls, or engage in some form of therapy to reduce the stresses of life?

I think the answer is — all of the above!

Whatever your reason for studying the piano as an adult student, I believe that my role is to serve as your guide to help you to reach your goals. I can teach music fundamentals and personal expression by using any style of music that speaks to you. This approach not only keeps you motivated, it also helps build a repertoire, or mastered pieces, that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Along the way, I hope you will also learn “how to learn” so you don’t need guidance in the future on pieces below your current level.

Finally, I love curious adults who ask questions and enjoy music outside of their lessons, and who, of course, also practice. As we go along in our journey together, I continue to take into account your learning style and pace, preferences, personal goals, and any limitations you may have.

Live Video Piano Lessons

At your scheduled regular lesson time, you will call me using the Zoom app on your laptop computer or tablet. I will admit you once I see you in my Zoom waiting room, which to you looks very much like your own familiar room — because it is!

You will see me and my piano — plus an on-screen keyboard that lights up the keys when I play my piano — through five high-definition cameras. As I demonstrate various practice and playing techniques, concepts, and hand positions, I can switch among them in order to provide you with views of my keyboard from above, the side, and my foot pedals. I use a professional microphone and headphones so you can hear me clearly and I can limit my hearing to only what you are playing or saying.

Whether on video or in-person, the content of the lessons is exactly the same. The teaching techniques I use with live video lessons have been honed during my 40-year teaching career. I assume my teaching methods work because many of my students have taken lessons with me for more than a decade.

Finally, online piano lessons also include perks like lesson notes emailed after each lesson, sound recordings to help demonstrate concepts between lessons, and feedback and assistance by text and email between scheduled lessons. For general information on what equipment you will need, see the FAQs.

Working with Dr. Lory

Choosing a piano teacher can be difficult, but it’s easier if you focus on a teacher’s education, experience, teaching skills, and personality. For example, if you find a teacher who has a music degree, but doesn’t seem to care, or has no teaching skills, you might want to look further.

On the other hand, if you find a teacher who has no degree, but has lots of personal experience teaching and performing, has a love of music, enjoys helping others, and is patient, that teacher might be the right one for you.

In my case, teaching the piano is all I have ever wanted to do. I have degrees in music and over forty years of private teaching experience, as well as in the public schools and at the university level. My adult students range from beginners to advanced performers. Most have played the piano or have reached a time in their lives when they can devote the time and attention to learning to play this amazing instruments.

Aside from experience and education, what kind of piano teacher am I? You’ll find that I am very patient and conduct piano lessons with enthusiasm and humor. After all, music should always be fun! You’ll also discover that I communicate clearly and without judgement. After after a lifetime of piano, I probably faced the same issue you are struggling with. And as you will learn, with doctoral-level research into how students learn to play the piano, I can you teach you in ways that are most effective for you.

Next Steps

Take some time to look at my site. If you like what you see and want to work with a seasoned music educator, click here to send me an email. We’ll talk about your goals, what you can expect, and the cost of piano instruction.