I’m Dr. Lory Peters and I teach online piano lessons to students across the U.S. and Canada. We meet by Zoom® and our online piano lessons are just like traditional in-person lessons.

Lory Peters Ph.D.

It’s really an exciting time study the piano. Thanks to better streaming technology, you can choose a piano teacher based on qualifications, not geography. In the past, students were limited to piano teachers who taught near them. The student would generally drive to the local piano teacher’s home or studio for weekly lessons. Every hour of lesson time also meant additional time driving to lessons.

Now, with online piano lessons, it doesn’t matter where the piano teacher lives. Students can choose a teacher based on education, experience, and that special chemistry that the best teachers possess. Especially in smaller communities, where finding the right piano teacher has always been challenging, online piano lessons let students learn at home with a teacher who meets their educational needs.

My Background

In over forty years as a piano teacher, I’ve taught students from pre-school to well past their eighties. Many were beginners. Many were headed for music conservatories. I taught piano in public schools, at the university level, and in a private studio setting. Today, I teach online piano lessons to adults, both working and retired. And while I love teaching kids, I believe that they still need a teacher sitting beside them, helping little hands manage the piano keyboard.

My background includes three music degrees, including a Ph.D. in Piano Pedagogy. Along the way, I even managed earn a Juris Doctor degree and pass the bar examinations in Ohio and Arizona. You can read more about me here.

Online Piano Lessons

Because of Covid-19, online learning has become a necessary alternative to classroom instruction. Piano teachers are also starting to embrace online teaching, since it may no longer be ideal to work closely with piano students.

My experience with online piano education actually goes back to 2008. Living in Arizona at the time, many of my students had second homes. When summer heat arrived, they headed to cooler areas of the U.S. and Canada. Back then, the technology was pretty rough, but I learned a lot about cameras, microphones, and lighting. The arrival of Zoom allowed me to put all I had learned into an effective teaching system that gets results for my piano students.

Having taught both online and in-person, I can tell you that with today’s live streaming technology, online piano lessons are just as good, and in many cases even better than in-person piano lessons. And for students who want an experienced piano teacher, but can’t find one in their local communities, online piano lessons are a great choice for anyone who is serious about learning to play the piano.

Teaching Philosophy

Since its invention around 1700, the piano has been a foundational instrument for composers and performers. The piano can be heard everywhere in both classical and modern music. While learning to play the piano is challenging, the rewards for those with a passion for music and the discipline to stick with it are definitely there for the asking. And if you are like me, making your own music will be one of the great pleasures of your life.

Whatever your reasons for taking piano lessons, my job is to serve as your guide as you study and practice to reach your piano goals. I will teach you music fundamentals, theory, piano technique, and musical expression. And you’ll learn with the music you love, not tedious exercises in piano method books. This approach to learning the piano not only keeps you motivated, but it also helps you build a repertoire of mastered pieces, that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

My students are all different in age, experience, and backgrounds, but they all share a curiosity about music. They practice hard, ask lots of questions, and listen to a lot of music. And as their teacher, I always bear in the mind the way each student likes to learn new concepts, the pace of learning that is most comfortable for them, and the need to balance the piano with other activities in their lives.

How Do Online Piano Lessons Work?

Taking online piano lessons isn’t very different from driving each week to a local piano teacher for lessons. Except, with online piano lessons, your weekly piano lesson is at your own piano in the comfort of your your home.

Piano lessons are generally scheduled at a set time each week. At lesson time, you simply sit down at your piano, sign-on with me on your Zoom app and start learning.

During your lessons, you will see me from at least four different camera angles. These high-definition cameras let me demonstrate various techniques and hand positions. For audio, I use a studio-quality microphone and feed my piano’s audio directly into the live stream so that you can clearly hear what I am playing. And when music samples are needed, I can play the audio into the Zoom app as well. An online whiteboard is also used during lessons. Other software lets you play with accompaniment like bass and drums.

After each lesson, you’ll get my notes by email so that you can review what you learned, as well as assignments for the next lesson. I often send my own recordings as well so that you can hear how I play the same passage you are practicing. And you are welcome to text or email questions anytime you get stuck.

For general information on the equipment you will need, see the FAQs page and this article on getting set up.

Choosing Your Piano Teacher

Choosing a piano teacher can be challenging. Depending on where you live, there might not be a teacher with the right blend of education, experience, and personality that works for you. And getting from where you live to the teacher’s house or studio involves blocking out time in your week to drive to your lessons. Soaring gas prices aren’t helping, either. That’s why online piano lessons make so much sense today.

If you choose me as your piano teacher, you will find that I am very patient and supportive of your goal of learning the piano. We also have lots of fun! Who ever said piano lessons had to be boring? My students tell me that I teach and communicate without judgement, and with a passion that helps motivate them reach their goals.

Are you ready to get started on your piano journey? Just complete the form on the Contact page. I will get back to you to start the conversation and answer your questions. Then, we’ll schedule an introductory Zoom meeting to talk. If it seems we are a good fit for each other, we’ll schedule your first online piano lesson. When you start piano lessons with me, there are no contracts or long-term obligations.

Thanks for visiting. And best of luck in your piano journey.