Welcome to my website. My name is Lory Peters. I am a piano teacher in the United States. I teach piano students online, using the latest audio, video, and streaming technology.

My online piano teaching practice builds on everything I have learned in my more than forty year piano teaching career. Online piano lessons let me reach students who want to learn, no matter where in the world they live. In places where a nearby piano teacher might not be available, or where a busy student just wants to learn at home, on their own piano, my online teaching methods let dedicated students everywhere realize the dream of playing the piano.

A Different Way to Learn the Piano

During the worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic, when in-person teaching became more difficult, piano teachers started experimenting with online learning technologies.

I am one of those teachers. I wanted to keep my students moving forward with their piano studies, but at a safe distance to protect everyone. Thanks to rapidly-improving video streaming technology, I designed and built an online piano studio that more than matches what I offered in my physical piano studio.

With two pianos, five different video cameras, and studio-quality sound, my students are able to learn more, faster, than ever before. And because of my virtual setting, new students across the world are discovering my online teaching practice.

How Do Online Piano Lessons Work?

In most respects, online piano lessons are just like meeting with a local piano teacher. Students meet weekly with me at a regular time. Lessons are one-hour in length. Students take lessons at their own piano, connected with me by laptop or tablet. The login and lesson is a secure and only the student and I can see the video stream. Five video cameras record every angle of my piano keyboards, showing hand and key positions, pedals, and supporting materials like handouts and printed music.

When an audio example is needed, I can stream any piece of music to the student to hear and analyze. If the student’s music needs to be viewed, we can both see it on the screen, and I can mark up the music with an electronic pencil. I can also play the piece and offer instruction while seated at my Steinway grand piano.

My Role As Your Piano Teacher

Face to face or online, my goal as your piano teacher has always been the same — to give you everything you need to reach the goals you set for yourself on the piano. The ways I teach the piano, often called piano teaching methods, have been honed over my forty-plus year teaching career. With me as your piano teacher, you will learn not only classical piano literature, but any kind of music that speaks to you at the piano. This approach keeps you motivated and helps build a repertoire of piano music that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

After each online piano lesson, you will receive a post-lesson summary with practice recommendations to help you get ready for your next lesson. I often record and send sections that give you difficulty so that you can hear the way the passage should sound as you practice. And, of course, I am always available for questions when you are having trouble with practice.

Let’s Get Going

Are you ready to get started on your piano journey? Click here to fill out my contact form. Be sure to provide all of the information requested. I will get back to you to start the conversation and answer your questions. Then, we can schedule a Zoom meeting to talk. If it seems we are a good fit for each other, we’ll schedule your first piano lesson. There are no contracts or long-term obligations. Payment is made by one of several online payment services that you probably already use.

If you choose me as your teacher, you will find that I am very patient and great deal of fun to work with. After all, music should be fun! My students tell me that I teach with a passion for the piano that helps them reach their challenging milestones.

Are you ready to learn to play the piano? Then let’s get going!