While video piano lessons can be done on phones, tablets, and computers, some devices will better than others. This article discusses the best choices for your streaming device, including camera position and lighting.

Screen Size

Setting up your device.

A larger screen on your device will let you to see more and learn more during your piano lessons. Dr. Lory recommends a tablet device or a laptop for piano lessons. These two formats allow you to place the device at the correct distance and angle so that you can see Dr. Lory on each of the cameras she uses to present concepts during your lesson.

Most students will use a wi-fi connection for lessons and this will work fine so long as your internet speed is good. See this article on checking your internet speed.


A good camera on your device will help Dr. Lory see you and how you play. The better she can see you, the more she can help you master the concepts presented during your lesson. The camera can be integral to your device, or an attached webcam that is available online. For most students, we recommend Logitech webcams, which have a good balance between price and performance.

Placement of your camera will be important as well. You will need to set the camera so that Dr. Lory can see both you and your hands on the keyboard. The following diagram shows the optimum camera and device position for your keyboard.

Best Camera Position


One of the best ways to place your device is with a floor or table-mounted stand. Which type of stand will depend on whether you are using a tablet or laptop. Amazon offers a variety of choices. Here are just a few of the stands they offer.


Most webcams are optimized for normal room lighting, but make sure that the room where your keyboard is located has good natural or artificial lighting. If you need additional light, a variety of webcam lights can be purchased. Dr. Lory recommends that you start out with what you have. If additional lighting is needed, you can make that decision later.


The device you choose for piano lessons is important because your teacher needs to see and hear you to determine the progress you are making. Most students already have a tablet or laptop that can be used for piano lessons. Over time, you may need to purchase some inexpensive accessories to make the process be better for you and Dr. Lory.