It’s an exciting time to be a piano student. Online piano lessons are a terrific alternative to traditional piano lessons. Online piano lessons work especially well for students who have been unable to find a good teacher in their area. They also work well for business professionals who work at home and for older students who don’t want to drive to piano lessons.

Taking piano lessons online is just like sitting down next to a piano teacher. You meet with your piano teacher at home, at your own piano. And it doesn’t matter where you live — in a big city, in the suburbs, or in the country — you’ll get the same quality instruction.

My Evolution as a Piano Teacher

For most of my career, I taught piano in-person, sitting beside my students. It’s the way piano has always been taught and there are advantages to teaching this way, especially for children. Kids need the interaction with a piano teacher, helping little hands deal with all of the piano keys and all those notes on the music.

Because I lived in Arizona, many of my adult students left for cooler places during the hottest months of the year. Not wanting to give up lessons for those parts of the year, we scheduled lessons by phone or by Skype. The technology was rough, but at least progress could still be made.

Then, when the Covid-19 pandemic started, teaching anyone in person was no longer an option. It was either teach online or not teach at all. That’s when I developed the online piano teaching system I use now. Using Zoom® technology to stream and a variety of video, audio, and software enhancements, I can now teach exclusively online to adult students worldwide.

My Teaching System

My piano teaching system uses two pianos, four cameras, lighting, studio-quality audio, and some interesting computer technology. Putting it all together, this approach to piano education is as good, and in many cases better, than in-person piano lessons. And for students who want an experienced piano teacher, but can’t find one in their local community, live video piano lessons are available to motivated students anywhere.