How Online Lessons Work

Piano lessons in my studio work just like in-person lessons. We meet at a set time each week. Depending on where you live in the world, we will coordinate time zones to make lessons as convenient as possible for both of us.

You might already be familiar with using Zoom for video meetings. The company provides the technology to allow one-on-one meetings in high-definition from almost anywhere in the world. It works the same way for piano lessons. All you need for online lessons is your piano, a tablet or computer, and the Zoom app.

You can download the free Zoom app right here. Install it on your device and go through the settings to make sure that your camera and microphone are connected. At your scheduled lesson time, you will call me using the Zoom app with a login code. You will position your tablet or computer on the right side of your keyboard so that I can see both you and your keyboard. This way, I can watch how you play as well as talk with you about the objectives the piano lesson.

What You Will See

You will see me from four different camera so that I can explain piano techniques — above the keys, to the side of the keys, the pedals, and me. When studying a piece of music, you will see my copy of the music, where I can annotate the piece to suggest how the piece should be played. And when a sample of music is required to demonstrate a concept or technique, I will stream that music to you, along with our commentary on what we are listening to.Onscreen, there will also be a virtual keyboard that lights up when I play my piano. I use a professional microphone and stream my keyboard directly so that you can hear both me and my piano clearly.

How It Works

My online system is simple. A minute or two before your scheduled lesson time, you will sign-in using the Zoom app on your tablet or computer. If I am with another student, you will wait just a minute in the Zoom waiting room until I am finished. After the previous student has signed out, you will join me online in my virtual piano studio. We will do a quick check of audio and video quality to make sure everything is working properly. Then, it’s on with your weekly piano lesson. The Zoom system is easy and it’s secure.